Using videos in the entrepreneurial classroom: a ‘close-up’ on supporting student assessments (Interactive Session)

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Laura Jackman, Jackie Brodie, Renata Osowska, Maggie Anderson and Susan Laing (School of Management)

In this interactive session we will share our experiences and the value we found in using tailor made videos to support improved student performance in assessments. This session intends to support and encourage you to reflect on innovative ways you can introduce videos into your own feedback and assessment practices while obtaining feedback from your colleagues. So get ready for your close-up!

We received a Teaching Fellow Grant to create a set of interview videos, made by Bright Red Triangle (student consultancy service in the Business School). The clips were five minutes long showing international entrepreneurs talking about the seven key areas we review on our innovation modules. It was intended that the project videos would provide an additional element of internationalisation to the entrepreneurship curriculum. The material was made available on Moodle for the undergraduate module; Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise to support the students as they worked on their wiki and report assessments (which involved auditing businesses on their innovation levels). Two Bright Red Triangle Junior Consultants with knowledge of film production conducted interviews with four Entrepreneurs. To support the students understanding further, the videos included subtitles to aid both accessibility and comprehension for students whose first language was not English. We also provided short biographies of the entrepreneurs used in the project to further contextualize the video information for the students. Piloting of the videos took place with some MSc students in Hong Kong and after feedback final editing was achieved.

We first utilised the videos in our module in Trimester 1 of 2015 and quickly noticed that students were using the videos to support the development of their own research skills, which in turn led to improved results in their wiki and final report assessments. Students would ask about the value of certain questions asked in the videos during the wiki lab time; where students could be seen watching the videos and taking notes of questions they felt were useful for their own innovation audits. We also saw evidence of students even trying to emulate these videos by recording their own interviews during their research activities and placing this reference material in their wikis – despite no set requirement to do so. Overall, we have identified that the use of videos is an excellent technique to support students in preparing for assessments that utilise skills that they may not have had much experience of prior to taking a module and we would encourage others to experiment with tailored made videos in their own classrooms.

Theoretical Underpinning

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