(Poster) Internationalising the curriculum through Erasmus Intensive Programmes

Fausto Sanna (School of Engineering & the Built Environment)

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The poster revolves around an Erasmus Intensive Programme (IP) in which the School of Engineering has been involved for three years, in partnership with other four HE institutions. A critical evaluation of the IP has been carried out, which included face-to-face interviews with the participating students, with colleagues from across Edinburgh Napier and with staff from the partner universities.

The poster explains how IPs relate to the European policies in HE and how they can be useful instruments to meet the targets of our International Strategy.

The pedagogical objectives met during this specific IP and the academic outputs produced are presented, with a focus on the personal and academic development of the participating students. These objectives are also explained in relation to the learning outcomes of the degree programmes from which the students have been recruited and to the key points of our LTA Strategy.

Finally, the difficulties and challenges encountered in the organisation and delivery of the IP are outlined and suggestions for future implementations are provided, for colleagues who are considering embarking on similar programmes.

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