Exploring academic and student perspectives of feedback (Interactive Session)

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Laura Strachan (Business School)

This research study explored feedback, the impact of feedback and most importantly perceptions surrounding feedback due to informal information that the academic and student perspectives were differentiated. Therefore in order to analyse this, the researcher undertook a focus group with academic staff and questionnaire with students in order to explore the perceptions surrounding feedback from both perspectives. This was due to the fact that it was felt students would be more honest if it was completely anonymous and they could detail their feelings without fear of repercussions. Undertaking a focus group with the academics was deemed appropriate to have more of a conversation surrounding feedback and the differences in experiences between the academics. The research study found that the academic practice and student expectations were aligned to a great extent, nonetheless there are a number of stimulating considerations to be made which surround expectations particularly in managing the students’ expectations, communicating and emphasising the impact that feedback can have and therefore engaging students feedback opportunities when/if they are available as students seem to benefit from one-to-one feedback however the academics found this could be time consuming. Therefore there are a lot of stimulating expectations that are explored throughout out this research project which are useful for both academics and students within Edinburgh Napier University and also the higher education sector.

Theoretical underpinning
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