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Edinburgh Napier is grateful to all of its supporters and the continued work that goes into enhancing the student experience through scholarships and internships. Murray & Currie has kindly provided five student placements since 2010, ensuring that the next generation of graduates get the opportunity to gain industry knowledge through hands on work experience. Company director Steven Currie, and Edinburgh Napier graduate Sara Peshrowian share their experience of the relationship between the University and Murray & Currie. 

steven-curie-murray-and-currieSteven Currie, Director of Murray & Currie

Back in 2010 we decided we wanted to get closer to the institutions and cornerstones that have shaped our City. It was natural that we would want to engage with Edinburgh Napier University and pull on their resources, international and domestic reach and strong profile. In return we would offer placements for business students looking to gain some hands on real time working experience and the opportunity the absorb and digest the buzz of a fast paced developing and successful business in a sector that the UK is obsessed with – residential property.

We didn’t think for a second just how successful this initiative would be. Sitting in our flagship head office that is 60 Queen Street, we have seen 5 students come through our doors and had nothing but positive and remarkably complimentary feedback. More satisfyingly these 5 individuals have stayed part of the Murray & Currie journey via regular updates on their career and development.

One such student, Sara Peshrowian left her placement at Murray & Currie to complete her BA (Hons) in Business Management. After graduating with an upper second class degree in 2015, we tracked Sara down and offered her a full time position as Property Maintenance Professional, of which she accepted. Now fully immersed in Murray & Currie and a key part of our team, Sara is truly an ambassador for Edinburgh Napier and a success story of what the relationship between the University and Murray & Currie has produced.

saraSara Peshrowian

“After a hugely successful 6 month placement at Murray & Currie in my third year at Edinburgh Napier, I realised just how valuable this initiative was for all involved. The strong relationship between Murray & Currie and the University meant that I gained confidence, experience and the chance to practice a great deal of what I had learned throughout my time at university in a working environment. I finished my final year, basing my dissertation on and around the experiences I gained from my placement at Murray & Currie and I am delighted to be one of the many success stories that a relationship like this can form.”

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I joined Edinburgh Napier University as Alumni Officer in 2015. My role involves facilitating events, marketing and communication for the alumni community.

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