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The Defence And Security Accelerator (DASA)

Gov.Uk IconThe government supported agency for supporting innovation in the armed services are ready to announce a series of funding calls in the New Year.

DASA will announce the next topics in a series of calls to be announced in January. DASA have accelerator funding for business and academia with 100% of costs being covered in their competitions. 31 projects have been funded in Scotland in recent years and they are seeking new projects relevant to the defence sector in a variety of disciplines:

  • Projects at TRL levels 2 – 6 are their target and any mix of academia and business partners will be considered
  • IP stays with the partners
  • 100% funding is suitably justified costs
  • Online portal for calls and applications

There is the potential for engagement for all our Schools with this funder given the broad scope of their interests.

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Article by Ian Anderson – Research and Innovation Manager. Ext 2285, Email:

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