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Tapas Talk 10th November

Join us on 12th Nov @10:00 for “Tapas Talks” – hosted by RIE and Student Futures, this is a 1.5h industry focussed awareness-raising event presenting a range of mechanisms in which to work with the University – R&I, student placements and recruitment. Please join us to engage and be part of this community.

Are you looking for opportunities to grow or sustain your Life Sciences business during these challenging times?

Engaging with a University could be a solution for challenges you are facing to enable business growth through:

  • Collaborating on research & innovation
  • Addressing skills gaps through new staff development
  • Utilising student projects to add short term capacity

Staff from Edinburgh Napier University are pleased to be joined by guest speakers Scott Johnstone from Scottish Life Sciences Association, Ronnie Palin from Skills Development Scotland, Judy Brown from the East of Scotland Knowledge Transfer Partnership Centre and Lorraine Thomson from Interface who will bring context and information to our innovation conversation.

Please register your intention to join us on 12th Nov @10:00 –

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