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Harnessing Potential – Growing the Short Course Portfolio at ENU

ideasA recent internal workshop explored how can we combine market demand, academic expertise and university processes to deliver great short courses?

On the 30th October 2020, thirty-six colleagues from across ENU came equipped with their experience, opinions and passion to review our short course provisions. With a very well-established track record as an institution, we still have potential to harness and maximise the University’s opportunities to promote and deliver across CPD, upskilling and re-skilling.

The workshop adopted a three-pronged approach and split attendees into three main working groups, namely:

1: Plugging the Gaps: Led by Georgina Jamieson (Head of CPD and Consultancy – Research, Innovation, Enterprise) this group explored how we can use our world-leading expertise to address current and emerging skills gaps. The conversation was shaped around the university capabilities in areas such as AI and technologies, environment, culture and communities and health and where these map on to market demand for short course.

2: Enabling Environment: The second group led by Sally Smith (Head of GA and Skills Development and Professor, School of Computing) reflected on how we can better empower our academics to develop and deliver short courses. Whilst barriers were recognised, given the key and strategic importance of skills development, there was commitment to identifying solutions. Through earlier intervention in the planning cycle, support of School Leadership, presence of expertise on the Innovation Hub, recognition of great work and transparent WAM allocation, there was confidence that moving forward we can substantially build on previous success.

3. Process Efficiency: Development and delivery of short courses needs to be agile, efficient and seamless. In the third group, Brent Hurley (Portfolio Manager, Strategy Hub), worked with colleagues to explore how we can refine the processes and policies that underpin the development and delivery of short courses. This is a complex process given the nature of the work and requires accountability from at least five departments. There was commitment across the board to streamline current approaches with more transparent process-flows and guidance. Smaller working groups are currently being established by those who are responsible to ensure excellent support for academics and an outstanding student experience for those learners on our short courses.

It goes without saying it was an inspired, open and productive workshop and one of many to come.

If you are keen to feed in to the conversation please get in touch with the relevant workshop lead who can be found via the directory – all comments, reflections and suggestions welcome no matter how big or small.

Article written by Georgina Jamieson (Head of CPD and Consultancy – Research, Innovation, Enterprise)

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