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School of Computing PhD student reports on RIO supported PhD Workshop Series

Lyndsey Jenkins, a PhD student in the School of Computing discusses a PhD Workshop Series she and fellow PhD students put together with support from Edinburgh Napier’s Research and Innovation Office.

PhD Workshop Series Launch Event!

PhD Workshop Series

A while ago, some of the other PhD student’s and I, applied for some funding from our Research and Innovation Department which aimed to help improve the skills of researchers. Sean, Cedric, Andreas and I applied to create and run a one day launch event of a workshop series we had in mind. Our funding proposal comprised an outline of our activity and proposed a timetable as well as justification of why we wanted this event to be carried out. We also had to explain how our event related to the Researcher Development Framework, a guide for PhD students in their own training and development as researchers. I think creating and writing a research proposal is an important skill for doctoral students and we have had the opportunity to improve our skills in this area from planning and organising this event.

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