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Put some spring in your career with our Researcher Mentoring Pilot


Would you like some help with your research career?
Or do you have experience you can share?

This spring, we’re piloting a researcher mentoring scheme for staff.

Funded by the Researcher Development Fund, the pilot aims to provide researchers with additional perspectives on their research and career strategies, by matching them with more experienced staff, outside of the line manager or research group relationship. As this is a light-touch pilot, the mentoring would consist of a couple of meetings, plus the introductory workshop.

Why do you have to gain?
Mentors: research reveals how academics benefit from being mentors, developing their skillsets and confidence, with positive impacts on their careers and day-to-day practices (Guccione, 2018)

Mentees: can gain motivation and confidence, as well as help with research strategies and activities, and planning careers.

What’s happening?
We’ve organised two workshops, with Glasgow Caledonian University’s Dr Kay Guccione.

We’ll look at skills and establish our mentoring programme’s scope, ground rules, and support.

Both workshops are for potential mentors and mentees together – essentially the same workshop, repeated across two campuses:

  • Tuesday 31st March, 3-5pm, Sighthill (3.D.08)
  • Wednesday 1st April, 10-12:00, Merchiston (G9)

Who are we?

  • Jo Haddrick: runs Edinburgh Napier University’s award-winning Employer Mentoring scheme for students.
  • Dr Fiona Smart: Head of Learning and Teaching.
  • Dr Ella Taylor-Smith: researcher in the School of Computing since 2001.

How do I get involved?
Contact Dr Ella Taylor-Smith:

Please include which workshop you can come to and whether you’re interested in becoming a mentor or mentee (or both). If you want to be involved, but can’t get to either of the workshops, please get in touch.

Also, while the programme is aimed at researchers on research contracts (e.g. research associates and fellows), if you’re an ECR on a teaching contract, interested in becoming a mentee, get in touch anyway, because there might be space.

[2] Previously, Kay worked in the University of Sheffield’s Researcher Development Team as a Mentoring Consultant.

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