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Peer review Week 2017

Its peer-review week 11-15th September!

Peer-review is important in research to ensure the quality and integrity of research activity. Peer-review is normally associated with publishing original articles in Journals. It is also an important part of the research funding process both once you have submitted to the funder, but also within institutions before you submit your proposal. This years theme is transparency in peer review.

You can find out more about peer-review week or peer-review in general via these links:




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At Edinburgh Napier University we have a requirement that all research proposals led by the University and a value of £75K or over are peer reviewed before submission to the funder. Any early career researcher proposals should also be peer-reviewed, regardless of value. Any other funding proposals can be peer-reviewed on request. Please contact your Research and Innovation Manager for more information, and to help assign appropriate peer-reviewers for your proposal.


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