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BSA Media Fellowship Opportunity – 2018

The Research and Innovation Office is delighted to announce investment towards a 2018 British Science Association Media Fellowship.

The British Science Association Media Fellowship scheme provides a unique opportunity for practising scientists, clinicians and engineers to spend two to six weeks at the heart of a media outlet. Fellows are mentored by professional journalists with the aim of giving them the confidence and willingness to engage with the media; tackle issues of mistrust and misrepresentation and to give journalists access to new scientific expertise.

After their placement, the Fellow will attend the British Science Festival, either for their host, or writing for the BSA, working alongside a range of journalists in their Press Centre. They will also receive a training day pre-placement and impact day post-placement to support their Fellowship, and provide the support for them to disseminate their learning to their colleagues and other scientists.

The scheme reflects the BSA’s commitment to increasing the accessibility of the sciences, enabling scientists to be more open about their work, and providing opportunities for discussion and debate about science.

If you are interested in applying or would like further details, please contact Ceri Bain in the Research and Innovation Office, at

Closing date for applications via the Research and Innovation Office is Friday 16 March 2018.

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