Student 1:1s


Booking a Student Appointment / 1:1


I’m pleased that you wish to connect. It is difficult times – as we live through this global crisis and move to home working foreseeable future. So sorry … we can’t grab a coffee – but go make one at home (or wherever you are) and we can raise a smile and have a blether about your research, so that you can get some feedback.

You can book an appointment in one of my slots here.

These are usually:

  • Monday 1700 – 1800
  • Tuesday 1400 – 1500
  • Friday 1200 – 1300

Five minutes prior to your 1:1, follow the link to the ‘webex’ browser here. Don’t worry, you should not need to download any software. Yet, you will need a headset and make sure that you have tested your audio before we have our 1:1. I will ensure that I have done the same. I might be holding a 1:1 with another student, so do ‘hold’ and I will let you in as soon as possible.

Microsoft Teams for Dissertation Students

I have set up a ‘Microsoft Team’ for dissertation students. You can join this here. This will provide you with an opportunity to chat amongst peers and gain regular feedback from myself. I have also set up some channels, so that you can chat more specifically about a stage of your research. Take a look and get engaged – research is fun and exciting!

Some guidance to students

Dissertation/research supervision meeting: It is best to meet for short meetings yet often. It’s not great for either of us, if the 1:1 is longer than 15 minutes. May I suggest that you plan five 1:1 supervisory meetings over the course of your studies.  Real dialogue leads to better results and is stimulating. So more talking and less transactional email, hey? Even in Microsoft Teams, we have a better tool for real-time interaction, debate and peer discussion.  The general rule of thumb for supervision is three meetings (prior to proposal, post-proposal and in preparation for the dissertation) plus comment on two chapters. We can do this, but I feel you are better served by MORE 1:1’s (15 mins) and debate over a plan, argument outline or discussion slides. I would rather engage with you in a dialogue than transactional (here is my draft chapter and I send you back some comments). I will do this, but I think you have got the point now?

You must incorporate into your timeline these 3 – 5 appointments. May I recommend all supervised students to keep detailed records, please use this proforma. I find it immensely helpful when students prepare an agenda prior to these meetings. Unprepared meetings lead to poor dialogue and action.

Personal Development Meetings: Personal Development (PDT) meetings are bookable via the Programme Administrator. Please see the programme page for details.

Online/Distance students:   Note: Online taught students have a dedicated virtual learning hour each week not noted above.

Using Webex for 1:1 meetings

Here are some alternative ways you join the meeting:

Meeting Number: 169 142 217
Join by video system
You can also dial and enter your meeting number.
Join by phone
Call-in toll number (UK)
169 142 217