Career journey: path and growth


Connect-Ups are opportunities for women in tech (studying, working, apprentices) to get together to chat and support each other. We outlined three different sessions and these ran online in spring 2022:

  • Introduction;
  • Inclusive by Design;
  • Making a Difference.

We facilitated the first sessions, then the participants took over. These went well. We met lots of interesting women and had some good discussions.

We’re hoping to organise more in the future. If you’d like to organise some, please get in touch and/ or download our materials and tips: this pdf contains suggested outlines, slides, and facilitation advice for 3 Connect-Ups.

Equate Scotland Webinars

We worked with Equate Scotland to provide two workshops to support young women’s personal development and to develop mentoring skills to support other women in the tech sector (e.g. through the Connect-Ups). The workshops explored the challenges women face in tech environments and then looked at mentoring in more detail: the benefits mentoring can bring to women in tech, skills for mentoring, and developing confidence in running good online peer mentoring and networking events.