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How to give feedback on a digital application

Feedback on the IS Student Induction Moodle Module

The IS Comms team wanted some feedback on their new Moodle Module – Student Induction to IS and Library Services, so we looked at how we go about getting users to give useful, constructive feedback on digital applications, using the Student Induction Module as an example.

What do we mean by ‘Feedback’?

Firstly, when we ask  users for feedback on an application, what do we actually mean by ‘feedback’? What specifically do we want feedback on? Users need some guidance, otherwise we risk getting comments such as  ‘I don’t like the colour’!
By asking  for feedback on three separate areas – Content and Structure, Interactions, and Visual Design, users can better structure their feedback:What kind of feedback do we want?

Tips on How to give Feedback

There are two really important tips when giving feedback:

1. Don’t say something is ‘Good’ or ‘Bad – Explain WHY it’s good or bad – i.e. How does it affect your goal

Tips on giving feedback

2. Describe the Problem, not the SolutionTips on giving feedback

We divided into groups and used two different techniques for gathering feedback:

The first was the ‘Quadrant’: Likes/Dislikes/Ideas/Questions

Likes, Dislikes Quadrant

Likes, Dislikes Quadrant

The second was ‘I Like, I Wish, What If’

I Like, I Wish, What If

The two groups worked through these and presented their feedback to the other group.

We all agreed that our preference was the Quadrant, as it allowed for Questions and Ideas. With the ‘I Like’ method, we were slightly confused between ‘I Wish’ and ‘What If’.

Using these methods, together with the structured approach and the tips, allowed us to give useful, constructive feedback about the Student Induction Module.

Some other tools we discussed as part of the exercise:

Colour Contrast Checker Tool:

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