Travel demand management (TDM) tools and techniques have progressed over the last few decades to include new policies, technologies, vehicle and fuel types. Other soft measures have also been introduced such as raising awareness and education policies. The aim of TDM is to improve the efficiency of the transportation system and promote further use of more efficient and smarter modes of transportation. The Public transportation system and ITS are at the heart of that aim. The 9th International (TDM) symposium will be organised by Edinburgh Napier University, and will take place from 19-21 June 2019, at the Hilton Grosvenor Hotel in Edinburgh. The TDM symposium provides three days of intellectual exchange of your research findings with leading researchers and professionals in the field. It will be a platform for best practice sharing and networking with these researchers.

The symposium invites contributions on all areas of Travel Demand Management topics including but not exclusive to:

New challenges in public transportation systems

New concepts, strategies and benchmarking for public transport and ITS policies

Travel demand analysis and forecasting

Transit planning and operation

Public awareness and impacts

Assessing impacts of TDM policies and strategies

assessment of TDM tools and policies

Travel demand, land use, and urban development

Public transportation and information provision

TDM and parking management

Shared use and ownership

ITS mobility

Behavioral aspects in TDM

Activity-based travel demand modeling

Economic and environmental implications of TDM

The symposium promises to bring together the national and international TDM researchers to brainstorm ideas and research findings on TDM theoretical and practical investigations.

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