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Two Edinburgh Napier projects through to CONVERGE 2020 semi-finals


Two projects from Edinburgh Napier University are now through to the semi-finals of Converge 2020!

In the Impact Challenge category we have David Rodriguez de la Cruz and Mark Dorris of Mercel. Many congratulations!

Full details about this year’s cohort are available on the Converge website here:

David Rodriguez de la Cruz is a nature enthusiast with a digital marketing background. Currently developing a cheap sustainable bioplastic for 3D printing and injection moulding. This material is aimed to be compostable and harmless to the environment. Made using seaweed among other plants.

Mark Dorris and his team create a sustainable new wonder material from seaweed. Their nanotechnology derives very long nanofibres from seaweed cellulose. The entanglement of these fibres results in very distinctive material properties both as a gel and a solid. As a gel it is superabsorbent and can replace fossil fuel products as a thickener and stabiliser in foods, creams and lotions. As a solid it is very strong and pliable, suitable for bioplastic applications and can be activated as a smart material in wearable tech, health care and drug delivery.

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