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Research Information Management updates – Summer 2018

Hopefully you will all have been enjoying the lovely summer weather and taking a break. Over the summer we have been busy working on a number of different projects which are to enhance the support for research at the University. A summary of new and upcoming developments and information is below.


The next version of our research management system is due to be released later today (7th August). The main changes you will notice are on the homepage, notification and the comments within the system.  There is also a change to the appearance of the system generated email notifications. Guidance and training information are available on the research management intranet pages.


In July there was an announcement on the latest guidance and criteria for REF2021. Once we have fully digested all this information a summary of this information will be posted in the coming weeks

Mini REF 2018

Elaine Lambie has been collecting all the information for out miniREF and putting together the information for the panel pack to be sent for review later in August/september. Thanks to all who have been involved in this process.

Impact case studies

Over the summer we have been doing 1:1 training with case study authors on how to create their case study within Worktribe. If anyone else would like this training please contact Lindsay Ramage to arrange a suitable time.

Research and Innovation webpages

We have also been reviewing the webpages to improve how the profiles and other information is displayed. This work is in collaboration with colleagues in Information Services and Marketing. We hope to have these updated in the coming months. This includes better display of news and events items on the webpages which are generated from Worktribe data.


We have been reviewing the training sessions offered in 2017/8 around Research Information management; Using Worktribe, data management and GDPR for researchers. The attendance throughout the year has been variable. In the coming year we will have fewer dedicated group training sessions, but more opportunities for drop-in and 1:1 sessions. This will be communicated once finalised.


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