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Promoting Research News and Events

Research news stories and events can be recorded in Worktribe as part of your profile. Guidance on how to do this can be found on the RIO intranet research management pages. There is an approval step between adding the information and the publication on the internet pages to promote your news and events internally and externally. The approver checks that the records meets our criteria, and that all the appropriate fields for CV export and web display are completed. Once approved the news story or event will be published on the research pages on the internet.

Over a number of months colleagues in RIO, Information Services, Marketing and Communications have been working to improve the display of this information on the Research and Innovation pages;  research profile, Explore our research and on the School Research pages. The first phase of this was completed in August.  More information can now be displayed on the pages and the information appears in more than one place to increase the visibility of our research activities.

For News items the records will now display: headline, summary, full details, photo, themes, research areas, people, school(s), and research groups.

For Events the records will now display: title, start date and end date, description, location, photo, themes, research areas, people, school(s), and research groups.

An example of a school research page including news and events can be found here

Training for the news and events approvers will be scheduled in the next month or so to ensure all the required fields are completed for proper web display and to ensure any record meets the University guidance on news and events.

Training will also be available for academics on how to do this as well as on how to write a good news story.

The External Communications team will use the information from the news and events created in Worktribe to create their expanded new stories which appear on the main news and events pages. You will not need to contact them directly as they will be able to monitor the stories on the website created from Worktribe.

If you have any questions about the  process please contact

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