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New guidance frameworks for Safeguarding and EEDI in research

When conducting research and innovation activities it is important to ensure the work is performed with integrity. Two new guidance frameworks have been generated to guide you through things to consider when conducting your work.

Safeguarding Framework

This framework expands on the guidance already available on the University research safeguarding and integrity intranet pages. This document covers the responsibilities, policies and guidance on ensuring the safety of both people involved in conducting R&I activities and the participants in research. This covers anticipating any potential issues prior to conducting research and how any potential safeguarding issues should be raised.

Link to Safeguarding framework:

Upcoming awareness/Q&A sessions on research safeguarding. Links to join are here 11th May 12-1pm or 14th June 12-1pm.

Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Framework

This framework details the University expectations of equal opportunities to access to research and innovation (R&I) funding and representation on funding decision panels within the University, as well as how to embed EEDI in the conduct of your research team and project for all R&I activities. This includes how to access training and support to ensure that EEDI is considered at all stages of your work. We also intend to provide some R&I specific EDI sessions later this year

Link to EDI framework:

Training sessions:–Diversity-Training.aspx

We also intend to provide some R&I specific EDI sessions later this year.


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