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It’s good to talk!

Its Good to Talk

Business Speak workshop

It’s good to talk!….but it’s even better to talk to the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time and foster the RIGHT type of long-term relationship which will help all parties flourish….

Innovate UK recently blogged about the best way to go about fostering the right type of collaboration, and we happen to agree.

RIO’s Business Engagement Team recently hosted a very successful workshop for our academics on “Business Speak”. We want to help our forward-thinking and innovative academics reach the right audiences and connect with the right partners so Tony Douglas, Associate Professor, Strategy and Sales and Head of Marketing, Sales and Entrepreneurship within our Business School gave the whole room an energetic run-through on how to speak to partners about our research, HOW to communicate and HOW to pitch our ideas. The message was clear –it’s good to talk and not only that, but we WANT to talk and are most definitely, OPEN for business.

Can’t wait for the next fun-filled event which will focus on making it happen and developing our value proposition. Watch this space….

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