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Innovation Hub Training – The Commercialisation Series – Inspiring Innovation, Partnering Growth

Do you want your research to reach a wider audience? Do you want to engage a wider public audience, collaborate with industry or take your research to the market place?

Learn and develop fundamental skills to create social and economic impact from academic research in your context.

Delivered by experts from the Converge Challenge and tailored specifically for propositions coming out of academia, the sessions are spread over two series:

  • Series 1: Introducing commercialisation to researchers – Suitable for academic/research/early career audiences
  • Series 2: Basics of entrepreneurship for social enterprise – Suitable for any university audience with an interest in social enterprise entrepreneurship, particularly those who already have a business idea.

You will join up with other like-minded researchers and academics from Heriot-Watt University and from Queen Margaret University.

Series 1: Introducing commercialisation to researchers

Thu 10th Feb  Communicating your research   Communicating the value of your research outside your field is an essential skill. In this interactive workshop, we will consider how the audience, environment and tools available in different settings guide and impact how you communicate, with a particular focus on commercially relevant scenarios such as potential industry collaborators, customers and investors.

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Thu 24th Feb, 1-2pm The why and how of research commercialisation   Commercialisation of research is becoming increasingly important and valued by universities, funding bodies and governments. This workshop will cover the value of research commercialisation, the different ways in which research can be commercialised, and what the pathways to commercialisation can look like in Scottish universities.

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Thu 10th Mar, 2-3pm  Research commercialisation as impact  Research impact has traditionally been measured by publication, but wider definitions are increasingly valued by essential stakeholders. This workshop will look at how commercialisation can extend the reach and significance of research impact.

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Series 2: Basics of entrepreneurship – targeting social enterprise

Tues 22nd Feb, 3-4pm  Idea Generation   


The aim of this interactive workshop is to stimulate innovative thinking and explore how ideas can be turned into viable business opportunities. Participants will work in small groups and will be asked to brainstorm solutions to provided problems and consider how their ideas could be turned into viable business propositions.

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Tues 01st Mar, 3-4pm  Lean Canvas  The Lean Canvas is a widely used method for distilling business plans down to their essential elements. This interactive workshop will help participants deconstruct their business idea into its key components in a concise and logical way. This simplified version of the Business Model Canvas is particularly suited to early stage business ideas.

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Tues 08th Mar, 3-4pm  Pitching  Crafting a strong pitch is an essential component of the entrepreneurial journey. A well-structured and delivered pitch can help emerging entrepreneurs to engage effectively with a variety of key audiences, from customers to investors. This interactive workshop will help participants to construct a short pitch, develop presentation skills, and practice delivery.

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