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Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Update

Recent announcements from Innovate UK on this industry/academia initiative offers the University an opportunity to collaborate with key customers to access significant research funding.

Under the Clean Growth Grand Challenge upcoming calls will focus on :

  • Transforming Food Production (£90 million)
  • Transforming Construction (£170 million)

The food production topic will look at improving science in agriculture, improve the efficiency in food manufacture, and innovate ways of reducing waste. Calls expected to begin in May.

The construction calls will have a variety of  routes to funding. The main themes will be :

  • How we design and manage buildings
  • How we make buildings
  • How we power buildings

In addition to specific projects there will be an open call for projects (£59 million). This is an excellent opportunity to engage with our customers and connections in these fields with a view to developing potential projects. The calls will begin in July.

Save the link to monitor forthcoming opportunities :

Please contact your School RIM if you wish to apply for this funding.

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