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How to ensure your research/academic profile is up to date for promotion and award of title

This year’s round for academic promotion was announced on 12th March. Academic promotion and award of title is a merit based process which recognises and rewards the sustained performance and contribution of our academic staff. It is a key part of achieving Strategy 2020, particularly our objective to grow our academic reputation. Details on how to apply and applicant briefing sessions can be found here

Applicants are required to demonstrate achievements in their field. This will be evidenced in the application forms and from your CV/academic profile from Worktribe. This information will be exported into a CV and sent to the promotions team. Therefore it is important that your Worktribe profile is up to date and includes all the evidence to support your application.

Information we would expect to see on your profile to support your applications include:

  • Biography
  • Student supervisions
  • Research awards (Projects)
  • Publications and other research outputs (Outputs)
  • Conferences you have organised
  • Recognition
    • Invited speaker (conference or seminars at other Universities)
    • Editorial activity (book, journal, etc)
    • Panel and board membership (advisory panels, funding panels, relevant committees)
    • Fellowships and awards
    • Reviewing activity (grants, book, journal, etc)

This year you can request a Worktribe ‘health check’ with myself (Lindsay Ramage, Leader of Research Information Management) to ensure all your information is captured correctly or a Publications review with Lyn Gibson who looks after the publications and outputs within the repository. I will be able to review your current profile and provide assistance on how to add other information as well as provide an interim version of your CV for you to see how your information is displayed to ensure accuracy.

Details on how to update your profile can also be found on the Worktribe training and information webpage. If you would like this service please contact us before 13th April to arrange an appointment.


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