This truly global on-line seminar is designed for leaders or emerging leaders in nursing or related healthcare fields. The Global Online Seminar for Nurse Leadership and Collaboration will hear nurses and patient advocates speak from all over the world on themes that are relevant to nursing and allow participants to share and connect on common topics of interest to nursing. This seminar is designed to be used through the World Wide Web and uses novel and easily accessible web based platforms to create fully interactive and collaborative experience; whether you connect on line by yourself or in a group it is anticipated you will be able to engage and connect with a global network or nurses and healthcare leaders.

The seminar will be broken down into following three parts, each component will be 1-1.5 hours in length:

  1. On-line gathering:
    • Address technical issues
    • Opening remarks
    • Keynote address from TEDx Presenter Leilani Schweitzer.
  2. Concurrent Online sessions: Particpants can choose to participate in one of four online discussions that discuss the following themes in nursing:
    • Student and newly qualified nurses: perspectives from China
    • Nurses Health and Work life Habits: anecdotes from Ghana
    • Creating Change in the Health Care Workplace: international reflections from Germany and The UK
    • Advanced Practice Nursing: opportunities and challenges in Canada
  3. Closing Remarks: Tips and Tricks on Creating Change in the Workplace from Steve Yorkstone

 Seminar Leaflet A5

Register for event here: nursingseminar.eventbrite.co.uk