Welcome to the Major Music Project Conference 2023.

The one-day, student-led MMP conference is part of the learning & teaching activities of the fourth year MUS10105 Major Music Project undergraduate module offered at Edinburgh Napier University, School of Arts and Creative Industries. The purpose of this student-led event is to act as an opportunity for our 4th year BA Music students to present their final year dissertations and practice-led research projects work-in-progress, and to share their research processes and findings with their peers and the extended academic community.

In its literal sense, research is a second search, an act of searching again […] Between one search and the next there is always a differential. It’s like walking the same path, or climbing the same hill, over and over. No walk, no climb, can ever be identical to what went before. Every step is a new beginning. […] Research, then, is not a technical operation, a particular thing you do in life, for so many hours each day. It is rather a way of living curiously – that is, with care and attention. (Ingold 2018)

Echoing Ingold’s presentation of research as ‘an act of searching again’, the theme of the MMP Conference 2023 is ‘Re-Search!’ as in developing awareness of different perspectives, ‘curiously’ exploring and examining alternative ways of thinking and understanding, reconsidering discoveries, revisiting findings and conclusions with ‘care and attention’. Being able to look at a research topic or a project afresh in its development can sometimes prove challenging. Having the opportunity to share our research aims, processes, and work-in-progress findings with others can provide clarity and encouragement and can facilitate reflection. The 2023 MMP one-day conference wishes to draw on this understanding of research as ‘re-search’ in order to have a closer look on our final year Major Music Projects by opening up our work-in-progress to peer and lecturer feedback.

Conference Date & Venues: Monday 20th March 2023 Rooms C18, G21, G23 Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh Napier University.


Ingold, T. 2018. Anthropology Between Art and Science: An Essay on the Meaning of Research. FIELD, A Journal of socially engaged art criticism. Spring 2018 (11).