February 2015

Lee Curley (LSSS Research Student) has been awarded £500 from the Kirstin  Scott Memorial Fund, towards attendance at a Psychology and Law conference in Nuremberg.

Dr. Geraint Florida-James has secured a £5,000 Innovation Voucher for a collaboration with Forge Bikes on a project that will look at ‘Performance tuning of an innovative suspension design on a new mountain bike’, in a relationship that was primed by Edinburgh Napier’s partnership in The Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland.

Dr Geraint Florida-James, Mark Ross and Tom Campbell have secured a £5,000 Innovation Voucher to work with Benenox Ltd on a sleep supplementation study.

Dr. Gary Hutchison and Dr. Fiona Stainsby have been awarded a research grant of £18,992 from DEFRA to contact a five month study investigating the impact of nanomaterials on wastewater treatment

Dr. Mandy Winterton and Dr. Russell Martindale, in a collaboration with QinetiQ have been awarded £22,000 in a project that will examine welfare provision in remote communities.

January 2015

Dr. Liz Aston has been awarded a consultancy contract (£2,990) with Lothian and Borders Community Justice Authority, Chairmanship of L&B Community Justice Authority Learning and Innovation Workshop.

Dr. Peter Barlow (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Craig Stevens were successful in a fully funded application (£203,940) to the Chief Scientist Office (Scotland). The project will be conducted in collaboration with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and is entitled ‘Cathelicidins as novel therapeutic antiviral agents in Rhinovirus infection’.

Dr. Susan Brown (Principal Investigator) and Prof. Mark Darlison were awarded a Medical Research Scotland grant (£108,000) for a fully funded PhD studentship (4 year) entitled “The impact of a spinal mobilisation intervention on common movement patterns in MS patients”. This is the first time that MRS has awarded one of these to a Post-92 University.