Venue and occasion couldn’t be more appropriate. The film is being shown in George Square. Just round the corner, on Charles Street (at the sign of the rhinoceros head), was The Paperback Bookshop which Jim owned. The basement was a popular fringe venue from as early as 1960. And as co-founder of the Traverse Theatre, which remains one of the cornerstones of the Fringe, Jim’s place in Fringe history is assured.

Fittingly, given the international nature of Jim’s networking, the film is a Turkish, Spanish, German, UK and Cuban co-production by a group of friends who met in 2015 at one of Jim’s legendary Sunday dinners. Directed by Ece Ger, the film was shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2018 and was nominated for best documentary film.

Assembly George Square Studios – ‘Meeting Jim’ – on Monday 12th August at 8.30pm.