A rainy day in Edinburgh is never boring

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The rain won't stop Corrine from the USA enjoy Edinburgh's student scene. From museum exhibitions to live music in one of the city's pubs, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Edinburgh student life

"Edinburgh is a student-friendly city through and through."

Most of the museums in Scotland are free which is great for all student’s pockets. Although there are a ton of places to visit other than The National Museum of Scotland that prove my point, the museum is a personal favourite. The National Museum of Scotland has floors upon floors to wander around. The best part about the museum is that it can be enjoyed day or night.

National Museum of Scotland lion and cubs

The National Museum of Scotland - Animal World

The science and technology gallery.

The National Museum of Scotland - Science and Technology galleries

Exhibition nightlife, who would've thought?                                                                                  

I found my way to the museum on a rainy, miserable night recently for an event called “Museum Late”. Nearly every month, the museum opens their doors after-hours and holds an evening themed around a special exhibition. The event I went to was a Jacobite exhibition.

For a discounted price, my flatmates and I were able to see the Jacobite exhibition itself, as seen during the day (along with the rest of the museum), and enjoy a few extra activities. We danced at a silent disco, got thistle tattoos and danced along actors dressed in Jacobite-era costumes to a live ceilidh band. We even listened to a few presentations hosted by actors from the TV show Outlander. The evening at the museum ended early, but my flatmates and I were just starting our nights. We were determined not to let the rain stop us.

Rain rain go away

The best thing to do on a miserable, rainy day in Edinburgh is to find shelter in a museum or at a local music venue. The idea of staying indoors on a rainy day appeals to some, but in my opinion, it’s actually best to stay active in a city that can be somewhat bleak in terms of the weather. This is especially true for international students that come from warm places originally. Edinburgh makes it easy for students to keep active, so take advantage of the cheap or free activities available around the city. It’s definitely worth it!

Edinburgh's nightlife

We made our way to an open-mic night at a pub located in town. The nightlife in Edinburgh is huge! Whenever I’m not studying, I find myself wanting to see local bands and acts and I’m lucky that my friends feel the same!

"Everyone can find what they love"

Live music

A few Scottish people may say otherwise, but I think Edinburgh has a lively music scene that rivals Glasgow’s (the biggest city in Scotland). No matter the night, I can guarantee that a live music performance is happening somewhere in Edinburgh. There are so many venues to choose from as well! In addition to a few pubs that advertise live music nightly, Edinburgh has themed music venues that suit certain musical genres. That way, everyone can find what they love. Going out to support the music scene (and sometimes/consequently the pubs) in Edinburgh can turn a drab evening into a fun one!

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  1. Exciting as always! Love Edinburgh! I found out that there is always something to do no matter what time of day/night or weather…just wish I had more time while visiting Scotland to enjoy more of what Edinburgh has to offer though I believe it would have to be months and months…. Great write-up, covers it all!!

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