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We have enlisted the help of our International Student Ambassadors to share their tales of student life at Edinburgh Napier.

Sofia, Greece

MSc in Wildlife Biology & Conservation 

What I like the most is the bike ride along the canal which basically links all three campuses together.

Coming from Athens, it seemed only natural for Sofia to continue her studies in the 'Athens of the North'. After working as a pharmacist back in Greece she realised that her heart lay with research. For her, the course seemed too good to be true as it combined all the principles she was looking for.

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Lauren, Canada

MSc in Publishing 

I love how Edinburgh Napier University feels like a community. Everyone is very welcoming, and it is very easy to make friends!

Lauren has always wanted to work in the publishing industry so when it came time to chose a postgraduate programme, she knew exactly what she wanted to study. She has previously studied a BA (Hons) in English and worked for a small publication as an editor throughout her degree.

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Kat, South Africa

MSc in Environmental Sustainability 

I visited Edinburgh when I was 16 on an exchange to the U.K, where I fell in love with the city.

Kat had always wanted to study her undergraduate degree at home in South Africa but from them, always dreamt of returning to Edinburgh for her masters. She plans to work in Edinburgh once she has graduated and would love to get involved in sustainable building or retrofitting of buildings in Scotland.

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Lisa, Germany

MSc in Marketing 

 I consider myself lucky to study in such a great city!

Lisa loves studying in a multicultural environment and felt very much at ease thanks to the welcoming and open atmosphere which Edinburgh offers. After spending one semester at Edinburgh Napier as an Erasmus student she was so impressed with the quality of facilities that she couldn't think of anywhere else she would rather do a postgraduate course.

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Enmanuel, Dominican Republic

MSc in Renewable Energy 

Coming to Edinburgh is the best decision I have ever made.It's a beautiful city, with something for everyone to enjoy.

Enmanuel values how Eco-friendly living in Edinburgh can be as one of the greenest cities. The quality of the university is one of the main things that has made his experience so enjoyable.

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Claire, France

MSc in Intercultural Business Communication

I enjoyed my time at Edinburgh Napier so much that I decided to come back!

After completing her undergraduate degree in Language with Tourism here at Edinburgh Napier, Claire decided she had to come back. After completing one masters in Spain she decided to study an MSc in Intercultural Business Communication. After Claire has finished her course she would like to work as a tourism consultant. Her hope is to work whilst travelling the world working with clients from all areas of the globe.

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Chris, USA

MA in Film

I wish I had talked to an international student ambassador to get their take on life here.

Chris originally planned to teach after he graduates. After collaborating with fellow students however, he knows he wants to be involved in day-to-day film production too. He never tires of Edinburgh's diverse districts and loves exploring what they have to offer.

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Beenish, Pakistan

Master of Business Administration (Leadership Practice)

The experience of a lifetime!

Beenish enjoyed the entrepreneurial focus of her course, which was delivering both theoretical knowledge and all-important practical skills. Coming from a country where there is less female empowerment, she has ambition to rise to a senior leadership position in a multinational firm.

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Collins, Nigeria

Master of Business Administration (Leadership Practice)

I have toured Rome, Padova, Florence and Paris, but Edinburgh is a pearl - there is nowhere like it.

Collins was seeking the knowledge and skills to become a competent manager in the business world. He enjoyed exploring Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands and gives back to society by volunteering in his spare time.

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Corrine, USA

BA (Honours) in Film

Every opportunity to join a society, volunteer or work in Edinburgh is worth it, you can meet locals and learn more about the city.

First visiting Edinburgh as an exchange student, the appeal of the city and the UK education system appealed so much she chose to transfer. Corrine loved exploring the city and made the most of every opportunity she had in the city, at university or through work and volunteering.

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International Student Ambassador Corrine McAndrews

Kriss, Norway


To be able to live in Edinburgh for four years is a dream come true.

Kriss loves hiking and Scotland with its highlands was a good fit. Edinburgh itself offered a big city of half a million people, but in close proximity to the silence of nature. He sought a university that would prepare him for the ever-changing job market.

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Ly, Vietnam

Master of Business Administration (Leadership Practice)

From the hills to the beaches, I find Edinburgh lively, safe and peaceful.

Ly is seeking a senior management position in business when she graduates and hopes to kick off her start up business with the professional standing and credibility she gains from her course.

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Maria, Norway

BA (Honours) in Journalism

It's a gorgeous city, it's the perfect size.

Maria fell in love with Edinburgh when she first visited as a teenager. Already working as a journalist for her local newspaper, she found the practical, industry-focused Journalism course at Edinburgh Napier to be the right fit. Maria hopes to work as a foreign correspondent when she graduates.

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International Student Ambassadors - Maria Gran

Nidhi, India

BA (Honours) in Accounting with Corporate Finance

The first time I saw the mesmerising night views from Calton Hill, I stopped breathing for a little bit.

Nidhi has had a keen interest in commerce and accounts since a young age and with dreams of working in the global banking industry, she is kept busy with her studies, choosing the courses that will help her realise those dreams.

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Rupali, India

MSc in Marketing

It has been an experience of a lifetime!

With a law degree under her belt and an MSc in Marketing, Rupali's long-term plan is to launch a marketing-led business venture of her own and become a successful entrepreneur. She's having the time of her life in Scotland, visiting castles and ancient inns, mountains and lochs, immersing herself in the country's culture and traditions.

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