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Rupali from India gives a flavour of a day in the life of a marketing student at Edinburgh Napier University.

"Waking up early is necessity"

Considering it takes me 45 minutes on the bus to reach my campus, waking up early is not a choice but a necessity - oh how I envy the students living near the campus who literally wake up 30 minutes before university! However, I can’t complain because Edinburgh looks breathtakingly beautiful and fresh in the morning, which I get to experience on my bus ride.

Tutorials generally start at 10am and, thanks to my morning coffee that I get before my class starts at University, I am raring to go.

"Classes are fun, not boring"

Classes are always fun and thanks to the interactive nature of the modules, I have never found a class boring. We don’t just slump over our desks and listen to the tutor speak about a topic, we have interesting class discussions, group activities, question and answer sessions and watch the occasional documentary in class too. Oh yes, we have the best tutors and they are generous with breaks during a three-hour long class!

"Lunch with friends"

When my class finishes at 1pm, I dash to the cafeteria to grab some lunch and catch up with my friends. Some days I have an evening class too which means pumping myself with some more coffee before the tutorial (clearly, on these days I’m not a fan of my timetable). On other days, you can find me at the library working on assignments, reading journals and articles recommended by the tutors and generally engaging in self-study. On average I end up spending two to three hours in the library whenever I am in university for a class (did I mention I have classes four days a week) which ends up skyrocketing to five hours whenever my assignments are due.

"I enjoy my flatmates' company"

I’ve been on a health kick for a month so there has been a new addition to my everyday routine which involves an hour-long fitness class in the evening at the local community centre near my apartment, which I hope I can stick to. So, after an eventful day I am home by 7pm, 8pm at the latest to enjoy my flatmates' company and Netflix. However, if I have an assignment due in a couple of days it involves the wonderful company of my laptop and books.

"I work part time three days a week"

I generally work part time five to six hours a day, three days a week from Friday to Sunday. Not having any classes on a Friday is a bonus as I don’t have to worry about my work schedule clashing with my timetable at all (win-win!). For me, its lights out by midnight on a typical school night, unless I’m on a night out with friends but let’s leave that for another blog post, shall we?

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Rupali is from India and is studying an MSc in Marketing at Edinburgh Napier University.

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