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Ly from Vietnam gets the practical knowledge she needs studying the MBA (Leadership Practice) at Edinburgh Napier University so that she is industry-ready when she graduates.

I originally come from a tropical country where the days are longer and there’s a lot more sunlight than in Edinburgh. I will start the day by not relying on seeing the sun but instead the motivation to be on time for university in the morning. What encourages me the most is my goal to complete daily duties and more importantly not to miss any lectures.

I am spending time and money on this course, MBA Leadership Practice, therefore I haven’t chosen to study abroad in Edinburgh for no reason. Be positive and enthusiastic!

My lecturers have provided me with informative advice and knowledge that I can apply in the real-life business industry. The theory provided is going beyond expectations because I am able to link it to practice. A number of classic and modern modules such as Leading Strategic Decision-Making and Building High Performance Organisations have revealed the solid philosophy to raise my knowledge about the business industry. Without a doubt new knowledge burns in my mind like a torch and lights me up.

Besides studying, I spend my days doing activities such as hanging out with friends, shopping or, if I have time, cooking at home. My busiest days include university, studying and my part-time job. At the end of the day, I take about 10 minutes to do meditation. I release all negative thoughts and keep peace in my mind, which means I can go to bed with a smile on my face that I have lived successfully.

Life is just a circle. It may start and end at the same point but I prefer to say life also challenges people to make them stronger. I moved to the UK, a new, diverse circle, which I currently enjoy and spend my time.

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Thinking about studying at Edinburgh Napier University or interested in our MBA courses? Get in touch with Ly or our helpful International Team to find out about student life, our courses or how to apply.

Ly is from Vietnam and is studying the MBA (Leadership Practice) at Edinburgh Napier.

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