Corrine’s alternative tour of Edinburgh

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Corrine from the United States of America takes us on an alternative tour of Edinburgh, sharing her favourite places to visit in Scotland’s capital.

I’m sure you’ve thoroughly enjoyed researching places to visit in Edinburgh before beginning your life as an international student as Edinburgh Napier. Due to the endless amount of things and places to experience in Edinburgh I now have some more places for you to consider!

The search for coffee and books

Coffee and cake
Great coffee at Lovecrumbs!

As an American, there’s comfort in seeing familiar coffee shops like Starbucks while abroad, independent coffee shops dominate the city of Edinburgh. My favourite shops to visit are Project Coffee and Lovecrumbs. Both offer vegan and vegetarian options, great prices on coffee, and a wonderful atmosphere. If you’re lucky enough to get the window seat in Lovecrumbs, you can grab a pillow and sit on the ledge of the big window while reading a book.

Speaking of books, the best shop to buy textbooks (at a good rate) is Blackwells. You’ll no doubt need a few textbooks for your course, although you won’t need as many as an American course requires and won’t be as expensive either. Either way, Blackwells will have what you need, even the obscure film theory textbooks that I needed back in second year. The shop will also buy your old or used books back!

Gardens and museums

When you’re not hitting the books, the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and the National Museum of Scotland are the best places to visit – good news, they’re free! Most museums in Scotland are free all day, every day. The special exhibits are the only things that’ll cost you anything which are well worth it, let me add. I recently went to an exhibit on Bonnie Prince Cha

Interior of National Museum of Scotland
The National Museum of Scotland – great to visit and free!

rlie and brushed up on my Scottish history. I recommend you do as well to impress history buffs over here. The museum also holds late night events that you can pay to enter. The night I went to see the Bonnie Prince Charlie exhibit, I managed to see a ceilidh band and get Jacobite-themed tattoos.

Vintage shopping

For those of you who enjoy a bit of retail therapy, Armstrong’s Vintage Shops (there are two in Edinburgh) are the best places to shop for vintage and thrift items. I’ve bought my Halloween outfit from them every year since I’ve been in Edinburgh. They are also in great sight-seeing locations, like the Grassmarket. So, the walk to any Armstrong’s is pleasant.

All of these places are scattered around Edinburgh, so get yourself in comfortable shoes or a Student Ridacard to get there!

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Corrine is from the United States of America and is in her third year of a BA (Honours) in Film at Edinburgh Napier University.

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