Looking backward to presenting at #AECIST20

This post looks backward because the event was on 8 to 10 July. The words are adapted from Hazel Hall’s post. I will blog about the full event very soon.

poster presented by Bruce and Gemma at #AECIST20

Click the graphic to see the full-size PDF in a new tab or window.

Ryan_Webster_Information_avoidance_and_diabetes_a_preliminary_empirical_study_IST_poster_2020_06_10Last week on Monday 8th June Centre for Social Informatics colleagues Dr Bruce Ryan and Dr Gemma Webster presented a poster at Information Science Trends: Health Information Behavior. This free virtual event took place over 3 days between 8th and 10th June in three 3-hour sessions. It was organised by the European Chapter of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIST).

The research presented in Bruce and Gemma‘s poster relates to a project entitled Information avoidance and diabetes. This project is concerned with behaviours that inhibit the acquisition of readily available information by those who suffer from diabetes, a chronic health condition that has major human and financial costs. In this preliminary empirical study, Bruce and Gemma have been collecting data in semi-structured interviews from young adults with diabetes, and from healthcare professionals, to explore the information use and avoidance of people with diabetes.

The full schedule for this virtual conference is available online, including details of three 30-minute keynote addresses, seven 15-minute papers, and five 10-minute poster presentations. Bruce spoke about his work with Gemma between 16:25 and 16:35 (UK time) on Monday.

The event hashtag was #AECIST20. The poster has now been published online with the DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3895816.

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