Perceptions of Chemotherapy and Risks in Nursing

The UK perception and experience of the past and /or present nursing potential occupational exposure to cytotoxic drugs

Delivering cancer treatment to patients requires Health and safety regulation, because the drugs given are classed as dangerous to an individual’s health, when exposed to them at work. This is either through direct contact, inhaling or ingesting the drug. This study aims to explore cancer nurses’ perception and experiences regarding potential exposure to cytotoxic drugs while delivering cancer treatments daily to numerous patients in their care.

This study will look at other study results, group their results together, to ask specific questions in a survey and individual interviews of cancer nurses.  These questions will cover how and when the nurses use protective equipment to prevent being exposure to toxic drugs. The survey will also ask about their place of work including number of daily patients requiring treatment, what types of treatment and where is this given, and what devices are used to reduce exposure. This will give a picture of current practice and exposure risk across the UK.

To understand this topic in more depth the research team will ask, about thirty, nurses questions over the telephone or online to help understand the individual nurses’ thinking and feelings about giving cancer treatments and potential exposure to cytotoxic drugs.

This will allow the research team to give advice to nurses and inform best evidence-based practice that ensures safety in the future.