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Thesis Tuesday | first session | 23rd Jan 9-1pm in E9, Merchiston

Over the last couple of years we have run a number of off-campus writing retreats for staff and PhD students – our most recent one was just before Christmas. Taking people out of their normal environment helps prioritise writing, and helps people gain momentum with writing projects that might have got ‘stuck’ due to a lack of dedicated time. Frances Ryan, one of our final year students, blogged about the December retreat and how it helped her get over some writer’s block. As a group we managed to generate over 40,000 words, as well as lots of editing activity and revisions during our two and half days of writing.


Based on feedback from the writing group in December we trying out some ‘Thesis Tuesdays’ – half days on campus dedicated to getting some time writing without interruption. These sessions will run around a ‘Shut up and Write’ format – we will meet as a group, share our writing goals for the session, then have a couple of 90 min blocks of silent writing time. It’s focused time to write, so if you want  to join in come prepared with any resources (papers, data etc.) that you might want to refer to. You will also need to bring along your own laptop (or if you’re old school – pen and paper).


The dates for the Thesis Tuesdays are:

• Tue 23rd Jan – E9 Merchiston – 9am-1pm
• Tue 27th Feb – 3.D.08 Sighthill – 9am-1pm
• Tue 20th March – E9 Merchiston – 9am-1pm
• Tue 8th May – room tbc – 9am-1pm
• Tue 26th June – room tbc – 9am-1pm


You are welcome to join the session with any writing project, not just a thesis! If you have any questions about the sessions get in touch with Grainne Barkess, ext 3341.