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Ideas to Impact Converge Workshops

Researchers! Interested in translating your research into Impact? Don’t miss the latest forthcoming Converge Workshops!


Do you need the skills, information and support to take your idea from paper to practical application? Join fellow researchers from Edinburgh Napier University, Heriot-Watt University, Queen Margaret University, the University of Stirling and the University of Edinburgh for the Ideas to Impact online workshop series, delivered by Converge.

 26 October 2023, 12-1pm – Communicating your research

Communicating the value of your research outside your field is an essential skill. In this interactive workshop, we will consider how the audience, environment and tools available indifferent settings guide and impact how you communicate.

20 November, 12-1pm -The why and how of research translation

Translation of research is becoming increasingly important and valued by universities, funding bodies and governments. This workshop will cover the value of research translation, the different ways in which research can be translated, and what the pathways to translation can look like in Scottish universities.

6 December, 12-1pm – Research translation as impact

Research impact has traditionally been measured by publication, but wider definitions are increasingly valued by essential stakeholders.This workshop will look at how translation can extend the reach and significance of research impact.

25 January, 12-1pm – Innovation and idea generation

The aims of this interactive workshop are to understand the value of innovation and to stimulate innovative thinking. Participants will explore how ideas and knowledge from research can be turned into translational opportunities with a mix of case studies and brainstorming from challenges in their own research.

Those who attend all four free online workshops will receive a certificate of completion.


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