Session Details – Wed 20th March, Online

This event has now taken place. See Powerpoint slides below.

This online day will take place using Microsoft Teams.You will be sent a link when you register.

1-2pm Systematic approaches to literature reviews
Maria King, Subject Librarian

This session will cover the principles, methods, and processes for literature reviews using systematic approaches. These approaches were initially developed within scientific and healthcare fields but are now expanding across other disciplines as it ensures reviews are more robust and trustworthy. We will cover overall guidance for conducting and writing up reviews, and an overview of the stages of question development, literature searching, selecting the literature, and analysing and synthesising. This session will complement the literature searching sessions later in the afternoon, but will not cover the mechanics of literature searching itself.

Powerpoint slides

2-2.20pm Afternoon tea networking
Klaudia Jasionowska
, Researcher Developer
Time to grab a cup of tea and get into groups of three as we engage in a short networking session where we will teach you to quickly and efficiently get down to business when getting to know someone. We will do this with a very simple competition in your groups that will allow you to talk with your peers and learn a bit about them while you compete to win.

2.20 – 2.30pm Break

2.30 – 3.25pm Writing as a researcher
Dr Lorrae Fox, Academic Skills Adviser

Do you have trouble getting started with writing? Session details to be confirmed- join us to think about some of the issues and practical tips for making it easier, including AI tools and sharing with others.This session maps to the RDF’s sub domains of Knowledge base (A1), Professional and Career Development (B3) and Communication and Dissemination (D2).

3.25 – 3.35 Break

3.35 – 4.30pm Literature searching for your subject
Sarah Jeffcott, Maria King, Catriona Robertson, Joyce Templeton, Keith Walker – Subject Librarians

This session will help you to search a range of information sources for your literature review, starting with how to use key databases for your subject. It will split into groups by School and Subject Librarians will highlight key resources which are relevant to your School’s subject areas and/or answer the questions you bring to your session. These sessions maps to the RDF’s sub domains of Knowledge base (A1) and Cognitive abilities (A2).