Introduction to My Progress – electronic OAR

MyProgress is a web-based tool which communicates either through the MyProgress website or the MyProgress app. It was introduced to enhance the learning and assessment experience for students and assessors.

OAR documentation is sent directly to the students MyProgress account which can be accessed here:​

This page includes useful documents such as training slides, student and assessor guides, FAQs and links to different videos and pages which practice assessors and supervisors can access for information.

Our Journey so far…

The presentation slides below detail our Edinburgh Napier University journey since 2018 when we started to make the transition from paper to online.


The new e-pad will replace the OAR and will be used for 2020 student intakes. Further information regarding this will be provided towards the end of 2020.
Below you will find minutes from the last Scottish Nursing ePAD discussion (Summer 2020).

Student / Practice Assessor or Supervisor link process:

As a Practice Assessor or Supervisor, you will automatically receive access to the system as soon as your student arrives in practices and completes their very first online form. You will receive an email directly from MyProgress with your own log in details to access the system.

ALL OAR documentation is to be worked on by the student and Practice Assessor or Supervisor and completed through the STUDENT’S Myprogress account ONLY. As soon as a document is completed on the students account, the Practice Assessor or Supervisor is sent an email with a link to view the student’s work. If the student has multiple Practice Assessors or Supervisors throughout the placement, the student must complete the record of signatories’ document adding each ones details.

This document below is an example of the updated version of the Scottish OAR which students and Practice Assessors or Supervisors should refer to when completing MyProgress forms. You will also find any whistleblowing documents here as well:

Below is the checklist of assessments which should be completed in the student MyProgress account while in practice:

• PRE-PRACTICE LEARNING ACTIVITIES – week 1. Research your placement beforehand using inplace and other resources and save this as a draft until your practice assessor or supervisor can sign it off in week 1.

• RECORD OF SIGNATORIES – week 1. You can open this assessment multiple times to add in details of any assessors or supervisors you work with in practice. Each time you complete this assessment, that specific assessor/ supervisor will receive an email notification and be linked to your student account so that they can view previous / future assessments.

• PRELIMINARY INTERVIEW – week 1. This form should be used by the practice assessor or supervisor and student for orientation to the PLE and to construct the learning development plan.


• INTERIM REVIEW – midway point of placement.

• ACTION PLAN (if required) – midway point of placement.


• FINAL INTERVIEW AND SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT OF PERFORMANCE – by the end of placement. Please note this form will not be sent out until around half way through your placement.

• REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT – by the end of placement. Please note this form will not be sent out until after the Christmas break.

• ESSENTIAL SKILL CLUSTERS – You have the full year to achieve these. Please see instruction in the video below.

• ALTERNATIVE FIELDS – only submit if fully complete, otherwise save as a draft until finished. You have the full 3 years to achieve these so just keep them saved as a draft until all sections are complete.

• INTERPROFESSIONAL/SPOKE (if required). You may not have this type of placement so just ignore if that is the case.

• ADDITIONAL NOTES (if needed) – use this to record anything else you may have achieved. This document along with the others can be opened multiple times if needed.

• ATTENDANCE RECORD (timesheet). Use the timesheet option on MyProgress to complete daily timesheets. Please see video and guides below for more details.

System Training

Due to the current covid-19 situation we have cancelled all face to face training. However, please find below links to training slides, guides, FAQs and video demonstrations.

These videos will enable students and assessors to work with the MyProgress platform both on the tablet and computer-based versions.

*The videos are currently being updated and will be available soon.