Fireside chat

EDI+B Sustainability Knowledge Hub will host a weekly #FiresideChat each Tuesday at 1800 (until Easter).

We may choose:

  • TED Talk to watch along and discuss (See the Ted Collection below)
  • Review book(see the book Club titles below)
  • Open a dialogue about an inspiring film or documentary (see Film club titles below)

TED: These can be accessed from the Ted Collection below

BOOKS: You can either get from your local library or purchase. We will offer a link to the book on ‘World of Books’¬†which is certified B-Corp. Yet, I’m sure your local independent bookshop is also likely to be purpose-driven?

FILMS: Chosen that are widely available “on-demand”. We will post using the ‘Box of Broadcast’ link (available to University students) and relevant iPlayer. We will attempt to select a film that is highly accessible.

Please email Miles ( if you wish to suggest anything to be added to the top picks’ in the below collections.¬†

Join a #FiresideChat here, 1800 each TuesdayURL

This will direct you to a virtual room using Webex. You can open this in your browser with minimal effort. Alternatively, access via the Webex app (follow instructions on the screen).