Say hello to this year’s cohort of Disability Inclusion Student Ambassadors:

Beth Karp

Image of Beth,  a white woman, with shirt brown hair.

My name Beth, having studied for my Masters at Napier, I continued on to undertake my own research in music for my PhD. Alongside this, I am a mother of four, a musician, a songwriter and a producer. I have a variety of long-term health conditions which don’t function in a set manner -sometimes I am tickety-boo and others not so much. I have what is known as ‘invisible disabilities’ and some learning difficulties, or what I would
term learning enhancements. Having engaged with higher education as a hybrid student working remotely in the past and now an in-person student I have an awareness of some of the things both methods can offer – both positive and negative.
I have experience with PTSD, mental health, invisible disabilities, long-term health conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s and other IBD issues along with other obscure really hidden conditions and more. I also have in the past worked with and campaigned for those with Type 1, ME, MS and those suffering the effects of trauma. All of these experiences and insights help me to understand and see what others do not potentially see. With my varied experience, both personally and through friends and family, I am passionate about raising awareness, for inclusive spaces, improving experiences and helping to make the invisible visible! I am looking forward to working as an ambassador for DI at Napier and hope that I can help improve experiences and aid positive change to get the most out of your time at Napier.

Victoria Brown

Graduation picture of Victoria, a white women with blonde hair

Hello! My name is Victoria, I am currently studying for my Postgraduate Diploma in Education for Biology and Sciences. I am a returning student to Edinburgh Napier following graduation from my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences in 2015. I have a wonderful son with ASD and this has sparked a personal mission for me to raise awareness of disability recognition and inclusion. Within the role of Disability and Inclusion Ambassador, I am excited to help highlight the daily challenges faced by students with disabilities at Edinburgh Napier University and work to create a better learning environment for all thus, allowing all students to reach their fullest potential.  

Siobhan Smith

Graduation picture of Siobhan, a white woman with red hair and glasses.

Hi! My name is Siobhan, and this is my second year of being a Disabled Student Ambassador. I completed my undergraduate degree, in biomedical science, at Napier and am now in my final year of MSc Nursing.

I am passionate about ensuring there are no barriers for anyone wishing to access higher education. I pledge to do everything I can to aid in reducing and eliminating any barriers which prevent disabled people from easily accessing education at Edinburgh Napier University.

It has been a great privilege to work alongside the team and to see their care and commitment to making improvements. I look forward to the coming year, please keep an eye out for what we will be getting up to and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns or suggestions!

David Richards

Image of David Richards, a white man with a beard, standing outside with a camera around their neck.

Hello, I am David Richards! I am a 3rd year in Digital Media and Interaction Design. This is my 3rd year as a Disabled Inclusion Ambassador. I am good at making people feel included and just enjoy talking to people, especially in a role like this. What I am looking forward to most in this position is working in a team and collaborating on different projects and opportunities that I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

Nasima Karim

A full body image of Nasima, a woman with dark blonde hair. Standing in a mountain range

It feels such an honour to be a Student Ambassador for Disability and Inclusion at Edinburgh Napier University. My name is Nasima Karim, and I am here to study MSc in International Human Resource Management. I am really excited to be in Edinburgh and very happy to see enthusiastic people around Edinburgh city and at our university too. Everybody these days knows about Disability and Inclusion but we need to be kind to people around us including Disable people, The conscious act of kindness can really make a difference in making our University an inclusive and acceptable environment for everyone who is part of it, I think that by accepting people with diverse background and abilities we are already a pluralistic university, we can encourage all students to study in a setting where they will ultimately have the chance to grow personally and professionally. I am eager to work with all students, including those with disabilities.

If you are interested in any of the work of the Student Ambassadors or have any questions for them please send them to Heather Armstrong, Disabled Student Engagement Worker, at

Headshot of Heather, a white woman with highlighted blonde hair and glasses.
Staff Photos March 2022. Sighthill Campus

Heather works within the Disability Inclusion team at Edinburgh Napier, speaking to disabled students about their experiences so we can make the university a more inclusive place.

She leads the Disability Inclusion Student Ambassador team.