Monday: Launch of our new Cyber Security e-Learning module

We begin Cyber Scotland Week 2020 with the launch of a new cyber security e-Learning module for all staff, which replaces the existing module in Moodle. The link remains the same however, so you can still access it here. All Edinburgh Napier University staff need to complete the new e-Learning module – including those who have previously completed the old UCISA module.

Staff training screenshot

Based on your feedback, we’ve made the content more current and easier to navigate, reduced the length to under 30 minutes and it’s now viewable on mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

The module introduces why cyber security is important, how attacks happen and then covers four key areas:

  1. Defending yourself against phishing
  2. Using strong passwords
  3. Securing your devices
  4. Reporting incidents

Since the new module is shorter and applicable to all organisations, it no longer includes university-specific sections such as handling research data. For further information on this and other relevant topics, please see the Information Security pages on the Staff Intranet. If you’d like to discuss bespoke cyber security awareness and training options for your team, please contact the IS Service Desk.

Join us again tomorrow for a double-bill of topics: Why would anyone target me? and How do I report a cyber incident?

Information Security Awareness