Device Safety – Thursday 25 April

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Device Safety is our daily topic for today, the third day of Cyber Scotland Week 2019. How many of you feel lost without your mobile devices? Yes, we thought so! A huge number of us have one or more mobile devices and for many of us they’re an essential part of our daily lives – necessary for communicating, socialising, documenting, navigating, shopping, working, relaxing and more.

Mobile devices are easy to take with us wherever we go, but this convenience also puts them at a greater risk of being damaged, lost or stolen. While it’s always possible to replace a mobile device, can the same be said for the information that’s kept on it? What would happen to your treasured memories if your phone fell in a river? Would you be comfortable with a thief browsing through your contacts, messages and photos?

Our guidance will help you to protect your mobile devices and the data you keep on them, by preventing unauthorised access, keeping information safe with encryption and backups, ensuring that software is up to date and enabling features to track and erase lost or stolen devices.

As always, if you have any questions about device safety – or any other aspect of Information Security – please get in touch. Tomorrow’s topic is Data Safety, we look forward to welcoming you back on Friday!