Privacy Policy

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Name of Process: Third Symposium: Reducing inequalities in cancer and cancer screening in people with intellectual disabilities.

*Data Controller Edinburgh Napier University
*Purposes for collection/processing In order to manage and administer the event.
*Legal basis The legal basis the University relies on is Article 6(1)(e): for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of the official authority vested in the controller, namely the University’s Statutory Instruments: “for the objects of providing education, carrying out research, and promoting teaching, research and general scholarship” and the administration thereof.

Where special category (sensitive) personal data is being processed the additional bases is Article 9(2)(g), as permitted by under section 10(3), and paragraph 16 of schedule 1, of the Data Protection Act 2018 for the processing of special category (sensitive) personal data for the purposes of providing reasonable adjustments to individuals with particular disabilities or medical conditions.

Only data which is strictly necessary will be collected as this is an online event and adjustments which would be made for a physical meeting are largely not applicable, although some relating to online accessibility may remain.

Only information relating to necessary adjustments will be collected, none relating to any specific health conditions, disabilities, etc.

Whose information is being collected Conference speakers, participants and attendees.
What type/classes/fields of information are collected Personal details, including name and contact details.

Speaker biographies (which will be available on the website).

Special category (sensitive) personal data concerns, reveals or is about:

health – only necessary adjustments to facilitate attendance and accessibility, no specific health information.

Who is the information being collected from Directly from speakers, participants and attendees.
How is the information being collected Speakers will be contacted through existing networks and potentially through the use of publicly available information.
*Who is personal data shared with internally and externally Information will be shared by the team managing the event and a reduced version e.g. without adjustment requirements information, may be shared with the conference sponsor and other participants. If you do not wish you information to be shared please advise the team managing the event.


Event ticketing is being managed using EventBrite. ‘Please note that by registering for this event via EventBrite which will host your data in the UK you will be supplying your personal data to the company/website and as such you are accepting and consenting to the practices in their Privacy Policy which can be accessed here:  Edinburgh Napier University is not affiliated with this company/website in any way, is using its services solely for the purposes of facilitating event ticketing and registration and does not accept any responsibility or liability for personal data which you have chosen to provide to such third party sites.

WordPress will be used for the conference website.

*How long is the information kept for Data will be kept in a password protected spreadsheet for invitation to future events.
*Will the data be used for any automated decision making No
*Is information transferred to a third country outside the UK? No
*This information is provided to supplement the University’s main Privacy Notices and it is recommended that appropriate notices are reviewed to provide full information about how the University processes personal data.

You can access all the University’s privacy notices using the following link:

*You have a number of rights available to you with regards to what personal data of yours is held by the University and how it is processed – to find out more about your rights, how to make a request and who to contact if you have any further queries about Data Protection please see the information online using the following URL: