Prof Mark Deakin and Dr Luca map the intellectual capital of the U!REKA consortium

In preparation of the 2017 U!REKA academic conference, Prof Mark Deakin (SEBE) and Dr Luca Mora (Business School) undertook a bibliometric analysis of the research outputs of all U!REKA partners. 

The study aimed to map the intellectual capital of the six universities belonging to the Urban Research and Education Knowledge Alliance (U!REKA) by conducting a bibliometric analysis of the scientific literature that each partner university has published over the last decade. The results of this analysis provided the Knowledge Alliance with the material required to:

(1)       review the partner universities’ research activity and education interests;

(2)       compare their research output, productivity, influence and inter-organisational collaborative network;

(3)       identify areas of research strength and technical specialization across the community;

(4)       support the development of a research and education strategy for the Knowledge Alliance as an academic community.

The study begins with a search phase aiming at sourcing the scientific publications of each partner university. The search is conducted in Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus.

The findings of the bibliometric analysis were presented at the 2017 U!REKA conference which took place in Edinburgh

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