Mechanical Engineering and Design (MED)

Seaweed nanocellulose-based conductive biopolymer composites for flexible and sustainable wireless communication systems

Director of Studies: Dr Mark Dorris

Digital twin for battery health monitoring

Director of Studies: Dr Keng Goh

Structural Design and Optimization of Offshore Wind Turbine Electrical Generators

Director of Studies: Dr Pablo Jaen-Sola

Design and implementation of a robust energy management strategy for a hybrid renewable energy system supplying electrical and thermal energies

Director of Studies: Dr Fadi Kahwash

Development of Lead-free Ceramics for Dielectric Energy Storage Capacitors

Director of Studies: Zhilun Lu

Renewable and flexible dielectric materials for sustainable electronics

Director of Studies: Zhilun Lu

A Next-Generation Honeypot for Industrial Control Systems

Director of Studies: James McWhinnie

Optimising Renewable Energy-Driven Zero-Liquid Discharge Desalination Systems

Director of Studies: Dr Viviani Onishi

PV soiling: Design of a novel cleaning system

Director of Studies: Dr Nazmi Sellami

Developing Multifunctional Composite Materials for Sustainable Energy Applications

Director of Studies: Prof Islam Shyha

3D forming of cellulosic biopolymer materials using electrohydrodynamic atomisation

Director of Studies: Dr Dongyang Sun

Development of a Knowledge Architecture for Designing Smart Products

Director of Studies: Dr Gokula Vasantha

Digital-Twin System Modelling of a Smart Manufacturing Factory

Director of Studies: Dr Gokula Vasantha

Novel stochastic control method for a class of complex networks

Director of Studies: Dr Yuyang Zhou