ISC People

Prof Sean Smith
Director of  Institute for Sustainable Construction
Research Areas: Timber engineering; Energy; Offsite construction and Innovative Structures; Acoustics; Smart Cities

Heads of Centres

Prof John Currie
Head of the Scottish Energy Centre
Research Areas: Energy; Offsite Construction and Innovative Structures; Pollutants; Smart Cities

Prof Mark Deakin
Head of Centre for Sustainable Communities
Research Areas: Smart Cities

Dr Robert Hairstans
Head of Centre for Offsite Construction
Research Areas: Timber engineering; Offsite Construction and Innovative Structures

Dr Dan Ridley-Ellis
Head of  Centre for Wood Science
Research areas: Timber engineering; Materials; Wood science

Academic and Research Staff

Lara Alshawawreh

Mila Duncheva

Celine Garnier

Suha Jaradat

Andrew Livingstone

Wojciech Plowas

Alasdair Reid

Andrew Smith

Jon Stinson

Julio Bros Williamson

Hexin (Johnson) Zhang

Research Students

Antoine Reguis

Melanie Robinson

Visiting Academics