Engineering Research Group

  • Materials (Polymers and Surface Engineering) Research into novel self-healing metal coatings to enhance the durability of industrial structures in harsh environments. The group has demonstrated the first application of self-healing nickel. (Stankiewicz)  Research into novel nanomaterials and has demonstrated the ability to produce high quality cellulose from seaweed. (Dorris)
  • Geotechnics (Civil Engineering) Research into the stabilisation of existing structures in earthquake prone regions. The group is exploring the viability of innovative modifications to ground conditions to improve the seismic resistance of existing buildings (Barreto, McDougall, Dimitriadis).  Research into the restoration of ancient structures (Marinelli).
  • Sensor and Sensor Systems Research into the application distributed Fibre Bragg gratings to structural integrity in buildings, bridges and embankments. (Alwis)  Research into compact monitors for the detection of pathogens in drinking water systems for remote environments. (Kerrouche) Research into low-cost infrared sensor arrays and their application of gesture detection. (Binnie)
  • Automation and Control Research into the network security of industrial control systems against cyber-attack. (McWhinnie) and research into robotic helicopter landing systems for harsh environments. (Goh) Research into hand-arm vibrations analysis of cyclists using and instrumented bicycle. (Taylor)