Civil Transport and Environmental Engineering (CTE)

Big data for transport planning and operation

Director of Studies: Prof Achille Fonzone

Climate Change and Travel Choices: Bridging Statistical Inference and Artifical Intelligence

Director of Studies: Dr Greg Fountas

Sustainable Construction with Home Grown Timber – An approach to
optimise structural performance of Cross-laminated timber (CLT) by
effective use of the UK timber

Director of Studies: Dr Aamir Khokhar

Planning and operation of long distance e-bike routes

Director of Studies: Prof Pat Langdon

From 3D Digital Documentation to Structural interventions for historic masonry structures

Director of Studies: Dr Aikaterini Marinelli

Sustainable Earthquake Protection for the Developing World

Director of Studies: Dr John McDougall

Improved approaches to strength grading of UK-grown timber

Director of Studies: Dr Dan Ridley-Ellis

Developing engineered living materials with bamboo and timber based composites for construction

Director of Studies: Professor Hexin (Johnson) Zhang

The influence of particle characteristics on the field-scale geomechanical behaviour of soils

Director of Studies: Dr Daniel Barreto

Advances in Sustainable Structural Materials – An Experimental and
Numerical Investigation to Assess the Structural Performance of Cross
Laminated Timber Concrete Composites

Director of Studies: Dr Aamir Khokhar