About SEBE

The research we do in the School of Engineering and Built Environment (SEBE) is strongly applied, reflecting our belief that our work has to be carried out in close collaboration with industry and government to deliver innovation and impact of relevance to the wider community.  Our research in the Built Environment is structured around three main research groups, these are:

  • The Engineering Research Group, undertaking work that is closely aligned with sustainable construction, such as geotechnics and soil mechanics for new buildings and transport infrastructure; and with the development of technology to support Smart Cities, such as new sensor systems.
  • The Institute for Sustainable Construction (itself composed of five sub-centres), undertaking research and consultancy in building and environmental acoustics; the energy performance of buildings and building services; offsite construction systems; innovative use of timber and reconstituted materials in architecture and construction; and community planning, urban regeneration and smart city development.
  • The Transport Research Institute, Scotland’s longest-established transport research group, focusing on road safety, public transport economics, modelling of individual transport users’ behaviour, urban and maritime freight transport, electric vehicles, accessibility for vulnerable road users, and comparative transport policy.