Former Staff and Research Students

Morag Williamson

At the end of Dec 2020, Morag began her retirement after nearly 20 years at Edinburgh Napier.

Dr James Munro

James worked as our senior psychology technician, then moved on to the Open University to take up a role as the Psychology technical lead for teaching and research in August 2020.

Dr Amanda Diserholt

Amanda completed her PhD with us in 2020 and currently works as both a private tutor and as a tutor for the University of Strathcylde.

Dr Melissa Akoral

Melissa worked as a Teaching Associate with us and now works as a Psychological Therapist with NHS Lothian.

Dr Kathy Charles

As of September 2019, Kathy works at Nottingham Trent University, leading their Learning and Teaching Department.

Dr Lee Curley

In June 2019, Lee left to take on a lectureship with the Open University.

Dr Geraldine Jones

At the end of August 2019, Geraldine began her well deserved retirement.

Dr Phyllis Laybourn

Phyllis retired in 2015.

Dr Jennifer Murray

Jen moved to a promoted post within the School of Health and Social Care at Edinburgh Napier.

Dr Alexandra Willis

In 2018, Alex left Edinburgh Napier to complete the Clinical Psychology Doctorate at University of Edinburgh.

Dr Caroline Allen

Caroline worked as an RA with us.

Dr Kai Li Chung

Kai Li graduated then began a lectureship with the University of Reading, at the Malaysia Campus.

Dr Rachel Hanson

Rachel studied for her masters with us.

Dr Kirstie McClatchey

Kirsty was a PhD student with us.

Dr Charlotte Paterson

Charlotte was a PhD student with us.